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SCOPE.GG is a personal assistant for CS2 players. With data analysis, we help our users get the best possible gaming experience. Thanks to a wide range of tools, SCOPE.GG has something for both beginners who just started to learn the game as well as veteran players with years of experience in CS2.

Different SCOPE.GG tools have users covered on every possible stage of interaction with the game: before, after and during the game. Before the match, we provide the user with analysis of their opponent’s actions and patterns in the upcoming game.

During the match, our unique Overwolf app allows the user to find the grenades that fit the current situation. After the match, the user receives an analysis of the match and tips on how to avoid making the same mistakes and get better at the game.

SCOPE.GG also allows users to find teammates with the same skill level and provides the tools to create their own tactics for the match.

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