To be a guide in the world ofcompetitive gaming.To evoke sincere emotionswith every one of our products, using cutting-edge technologicalsolutions.


Five years ago we created CS.MONEY. Our goal was to make the skin exchange process as comfortable and safe as possible for every user.



Three years later the competitive gaming market experienced tremendous growth, and we kept up with it. We made mistakes, analyzed them to become better. We made SCOPE.GG geared towards the same process, but in CS:GO.


We love esports, but with the amount of disciplines, tournaments and teams piling up, we wanted to be able to choose what exactly we want to watch today. That's how, we launched the development of ESPC.GG - an interactive esports calendar.



We have a long track record as an esports sponsor, but we have always wanted to truly become a part of it and deliver people the same unique experiences that we enjoy working with EXTREMUM.

Little has been known about us. We were known only as standalone projects, even though we all went to the same office, shared the lunch table, asked each other for help, organized cross-platform events.

Now we are ready to tellyou about usas a whole.


We are EX CORP. The same developers, fans, gamers who will do their best to become your multiplier of emotions in competitive gaming, and use cutting-edge technology to solve the problems of every gamer - from novice to professional.

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